Top 3 Reasons To Use Asana in Business

Top 3 Reasons To Use Asana in Business

Asana has so many useful business benefits than any other project management tool out there. If you are one of those people who still use email and Excel to manage your projects and your team members, it’s time to change that. Before we start discussing benefits of Asana, it is important to point out that Asana has email notification system as well. It can send you email related to projects and tasks. So, if you are thinking of switching to Asana, don’t worry, you won’t be making a great leap. At any moment you can choose to receive emails from Asana which are connected to a certain project you are currently running.

Asana improves general management

Asana improves general managementWith Asana you will be able to manage and create multiple projects and tasks. If you are still using email to assign projects to your employees, this can create you the additional problems, which can lead you to have serious issues with your employees. For example, slow progress, incoherent communications, and difficult task tracking. With the help of Asana, comments are displayed and recorded on the task’s page, together with other important data. For example, when the project was made, who is managing it when are the due date and other useful information. With this tool, you can easily run your company, but in the same time, you can monitor objectives and your team members.

Asana improves work efficiency

Sometimes is hard to organize and to put a priority on tasks, but with the help of Asana, now that is possible. As we mentioned before, you can move tasks up and down and prioritize them. Depending on the due date, urgency, size and others. You have several options, such as today, later, upcoming and so on. Moving further, you can group tasks into projects and give them keywords. It will help you know more about a project without opening it. The reasons mentioned above make Asana so popular among business owners. You finish everything in time; your staff will be more organize and the productivity of your business will improve, bringing you a bigger profit.

Your employees will be closer

Asana has a great platform which will promote collaboration among your employees. When you open an account with Asana, you will be required to insert members of your team. It means other employees will be able as well to track the tasks and leave comments. If you have an open base platform, your colleges and employees will become closer, giving suggestions, recommendations and helping each other to solve the problem. It means you will be working together towards the greater goal, to make your company more successful and to create a bigger profit.


Asana – Best Productivity Tool On The Market

Asana – Best Productivity Tool On The Market

Considering how fast market is developing, companies have had time tracking their activities and managing the work of their employees. But, in the recent months, a new tool has appeared on the market, bringing something new which has not been seen so far. Asana is something productivity enthusiasts love, and they have a good reason for that. This online tool will help you organize a productivity of your company and create a better working management. Asana is different from many other online tools; it keeps you daily to – do tasks and makes your company a more productive place for work.

What is Asana?

As we mentioned before, Asana is an online tool that improves the productivity of your company. Its great advantage is flexibility, and it helps you set up your priorities and do your tasks as planned and without delay. The company which creates Asana offers a lot of tutorials and training to help you master all the functions of Asana. If you want Asana to help you, then you need to follow the rules. Otherwise, this tool will be useless to you. This tool will provide you many useful options, which you can use to improve the productivity of your company. You can bend it to your will, customize it to your work and build your way towards bigger profit.

Pricing and payment plans

Initially, Asana is free, up to 15 individuals can use this tool for free with a few limitations. If you open a free account, you will get Asana basic features. In this case, you can create free task management and due dates, people responsibilities. With Asana you are not limited, you can make as many tasks and projects as you like. Another great option, this tool will show a progress of each team or project using charts. You can connect Asana with other tools as well, like Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, Github, and others. On the other hand, if you decide to use paid version, you will have to pay $99.96, annually, per person. Paid version brings you a lot of perks. You can invite guests to your projects, use advanced search options, create private teams and projects and many others.

How does Asana work?

Asana is a web – based tool, which means it uses a browser and the internet. There is no desktop app or mobile app. When a project is opened in Asana, every team member gets an Asana account. Member of a team join project and each project has a task list. Every task has subtasks, assignments, due dates, comments, attachments and names of the people who are appointed for certain matters inside of a task or project.






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